About us

So many ways of living

Life of L was launched in the spring of 2016 by an art lover. In the light of his enthusiasm for art and life Arthur Buerms, a law student is keen to share this passion with others.

The idea was to bring unknown artists together and exhibit their work from the perspective of a philosophy. This philosophical approach inspired the artists to create an aesthetic framework for shaping their visions of life and helping to inspire others.


The Life of L organisation is responsible for providing a legal framework together with the relevant communication and marketing facilities. Artists are able to take part in one-stop-shop events and promote their work in our online art gallery. Thanks to this approach, Life of L is able to offer an alternative to the time-honoured art market in terms of method and vision. The first event was organised six months later, in October 2016: ‘elements of nOw’ drew its inspiration from the centuries-old Japanese outlook on life wabi-sabi.



Life of L is keen to offer original works by up-and-coming artists and creators involved in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from the visual arts, music, film and performance art to fashion, architecture, technology and lifestyle products.


Life of L therefore seeks to inspire by making life more beautiful and people more aware. The aim is quite simply to encourage people to look and feel and develop a sense of wonder about what the world has to offer.


As well as art collectors and art lovers, Life of L also reaches out to 'life artists' keen to experience life as intensely and consciously as possible.