Arthur Buerms

Founder Life 0f L / Co-founder Up Word

A law student in search of beauty. Apart from this eternal quest, he is passionate about cinema, gastronomy, art, philosophy, literature and tennis. With Life 0f L we want to create a sub-world fueled by philosophy. The thoughts will be made accessible through art, quotes, creative products and arrangement of actual and virtual exhibitions. This is simply an attempt to define and give life to the otherwise undefinable.
In 2015 he co-founded Up Word, a proofreading and editing service for students. 

What makes a moment- 2016 

Arthur Buerms / Cedric Liebens 

In cooperation with the Lannoo printing office, this publication is a lyrical version of the "Elements of n0w" concept, explaining who we are and what we do. This booklet also features the contact detailsof all the participating artists. As well as being a guide to "Elements of n0w" it can also be used as a notebook. 

Drone (M)

Joachim Froment/ Louis Janssen

At his school, the Royal College of Art in London, Joachim used a laser to cut plywood. Afterwards he glued the pieces together forging an alveolus-like pattern that varies according to specific zone resistance requirement (more compact and solid in the center and on the edges) and airflow requirements (propellers zone). Its flat shape allows for an easier glide, which is an aeronautic quality, inspired by the way birds’ fly.


Hal Baskloft

The unity of the four elements is what constitutes and sustains our existence in this world. The spinning of the circular background  means that the world is in a perpetual flux but space remains incomprehensible eternal. The outcome of the spinning is as uncertain as the variety of fauna and flora. Is human life an accident? .                                                                                                     Mixed materials/ 160x160cm

"m0(ve)ment" by John Janssens


Tucked away in the industrial hangars of Antwerp, this borderless exhibition provides different artists with the opportunity to portray their free, uninterrupted flow of spirit. Their spirit is energized by the aesthetically appealing influence Taoism has on wabi-sabi.
The artworks and their spectators are bewildered by the duality between the industrial space and the four elements.

Newspaper m0(ve)ment

Emma Billiet

The newspaper discloses the concept of the exhibition m0(ve)ment, personal info of the participating artists and tries to explain their artistic style. Emma gave form to the formless by designing the backbone. Her style is sober, simplistic and aesthetically appealing. She moves the reader in a controlled way.