Gregory Robin

Visual artist

Robin, born in Chicago, works in his Berlin studio on paintings with a lyrical and evocative character that originate through cross-cultural discourse. His abstract expressionistic art, highlighting a romanticized form of self-conscious (action) painting, are objects of reflection and meditation influenced by East-Asian philosophy and metaphysical concepts.


Frivole fleetingness

Gregory Robin

His wavy unfinished brushstrokes underline that not what is represented is of importance but how you represent it. The exploration of his color palette not only indicate a fullness of life, carefully playing with lighter colors, but his darker, more serious tones, also imply the existential heaviness of life namely the refuting of nature's determinism. A frivole ode to the fleetingness of life, remind us that behind ugliness there could be beauty and that behind life there is a certain death.

Acryl on canvas/ 60x42cm