John Bonaparte

Sound design/ Producer/ Musician

Born in rural Rebecq, John decided at an early age that he wanted to perform music and produce sounds. In secondary school he started the indie pop band ‘Tuk Tuk Thailand. He and his new band Tom DiGaggio recently released a new EP (‘Le marriage collectif’).


In order to achieve harmony in his music, he has always tried to combine sounds and textures from different sources that are quite original but, oddly enough, remain familiar.

"m0(ve)ment" by John Janssens


Tucked away in the industrial hangars of Antwerp, this borderless exhibition provides different artists with the opportunity to portray their free, uninterrupted flow of spirit. Their spirit is energized by the aesthetically appealing influence Taoism has on wabi-sabi.
The artworks and their spectators are bewildered by the duality between the industrial space and the four elements.

11100999- 2016


For ‘Elements of n0w’ John proposed a landscape shaped by percussion, natural sound effects and synth pads. The idea is to offer the impression of setting off on a journey, without diverting attention from the works on display.


"Elements of n0w" by John Janssens


Convergence of all the elements that the observer may or not have touched upon as a moment of presence.


Black hole


Mindful of the ultimate basis for the existence of this project, Cedric produced an animated design, which draws it's inspiration from the thought that "things dissolve into nothing or emerge from nothing". How is it possible to gain a better understanding of the beginning and end of existence?