John Janssens

Visual content creator

John studied videography and cinematography in Belgium. In London, he completed his studies by taking a Master's degree in ‘Business& Production’ at the MET Film school.

He has already worked with inspiring crews on short films, some of which have even won awards. He is also a street photographer, who uses his experience to produce videos for art projects, fashion shows and events.
Today, John has founded his company NAVAJO STUDIO and works on diverse projects most of them aimed for the web. 

"m0(ve)ment" by John Janssens


Tucked away in the industrial hangars of Antwerp, this borderless exhibition provides different artists with the opportunity to portray their free, uninterrupted flow of spirit. Their spirit is energized by the aesthetically appealing influence Taoism has on wabi-sabi.
The artworks and their spectators are bewildered by the duality between the industrial space and the four elements.

"Elements of n0w" by John Janssens


Convergence of all the elements that the observer may or not have touched upon as a moment of presence.


4.4- 2016


The 4.4 installation is focused on the theme of consumption, pointing to new directions in our contemporary patterns of consumption. The duality between organic and industrial elements creates an environment of quiet chaos. The physical and spiritual presence in the installation inspires us to think about our priorities. This prompts observers to reconsider their decisions with a view to achieving sustainability.