Jordan Mayhew

Visual artist

Jordan is a drawer and painter from the UK and will be exhibited in Germany for the first time. His unusual CC (comic/cartoon) style is both aesthetically and conceptually food for self-reflexive thought on his place/role in society. Formally, the spatially juxtaposed pictorial narrative include crisp, quantized ‘cel’ shading, minimalist, high-contrast visual cues and black outlines with a self-shadowing effect.


Collective realization

Jordan Mayhew

He brings each of the figures, corresponding to paternalistic alter egos as transient states of mind deriving their visual and linguistic identity from his projected responsibility as a being. A vigilant architect of his emptiness attempts to break out of this prison house of self-imposed commandments and wants to turn toward responsibility. But in that process he reassumes the very emptiness he wishes to put behind him. Therefore an allegory through his work, a sincere illustration and mental recapitulation of his and everyone’s conformity to societal norms, is that he thus deals with reflection and self-interrogation to eventually come to profound realizations of the collective self.

Acryl on canvas/ 80x60cm