Li Yilei

Visual/ Performance Artist

Li Yilei is a London-based conceptual artist working with sound, performance and multi-media installations.
Founder of NON DUAL collective.

Spanning across sound, performance, multi-media installations and moving image. Li’s works are developed through a primarily conceptual basis. The works are the manifestation of an inquiry into tropes of phenomena, existence, power dynamics, and the politics of sound and listening. She constantly examines the discriminatory perception of the world’s phenomena in its subtlest terms. Characterised by a replete of poeticism, lines are drawn across these seemingly disparate thoughts through a minimalistic approach.

As an experimentalist in the field of music, Li often creates quasi instrumental sculptures, further integrating sound art into fine art, blurring its boundaries. Using obscure instruments and field recordings, the sound works are carefully designed and produced, ranging from cinematic atmospheric music to noise. Li’s work has performed and exhibited throughout countries like China, London, Sweden, Norway and Austria. Her most recent performance was at Cafe Oto.


Licensing agreement of existence

Li Yilei

Acrylic board, 100 copies of cassette tapes, video of an eternal sun (durational), sound and a hard copy of The licensing agreement of existence
Licensing Agreement of Existence was made by Li Yilei and singaporean lawyer Ong Sim in 2018. The agreement was legally valid from the 18th of May in 2018. In this agreement, artist Li Yilei (Licensor) transferred her consciousness/existence to all phenomena (Licensees) in her perception. 

Live set for the performance art festival, Sweden (2018)

Li Yilei

Two tracks from the project 'Dialogue 7' was played at the 13Festivalen Performance Art festival in Sweden. The performance was set in a basement with a second floor platform for audience to watch the performance from above. The performance was split into two sets,

Is the principal free to adjust value to inflation? (2016)

Li Yilei

Performance piece during frieze art week. Discussing the inflating changes of values in the art market and artist's role.