Margherita Ianelli

Visual artist

Margherita, an autodidactic artist from Rome, draws artistic inspiration from her studies, psychology. Her paintings, an ethnographic hymn unmasking the imperceptible modes of human nature, fully express the struggle and fascination with experiencing reality. The artist focuses on concepts that are universally applicable to human existence including death, freedom and the meaning of life.



Margherita Ianelli

By mirroring her ghostly, Native American like, figures she tricks the spectator in thinking that the act of mirroring, in spiritual symbolistic sense, reflects the truth, that what is. Actually her painting, infused by a thorough understanding of psychology, flips this symbolism on it’s head. Conceptually the mirrored image is the threshold between the conscious mind (being) and the unconscious mind (non-being or nothing). Her subtle and diversifying use of color or non-color, the wide spectrum of black and white shades, reaffirm the deceptive nature of reality and bear on an metaphysical debate over the reality, physical property, or non-reality, mere projection of the mind onto external objects, of color.

Acryl on canvas/ 80x60cm