Yasmin Pessigoisten

Visual artist

Pessigoisten is the alter ego of a Swedish-born artist currently based in Berlin. The disoriented feeling that the viewer gets when perceiving her painting, series of individual paintings in which every part can both be seen as an individual painting or as part of the whole, is guided by the ambivalent relationship Pessigoisten has with the city of Berlin.


Idiosyncratic Ciy


On the one hand, the different white lines and splashes symbolize the moments in life, ephemeral in nature, where the road seems clear and meaningful. The colour white in this work, in whatever form, are thus short reliefs in which she unconsciously experiences the natural flow of life. The massive black parts personify her inner conflict, the once I responsibly functioned in this liberal temple of concrete, and the psychological difficulties that result from it. The black rubbed crosses the straight white lines and then erases them with vigor.

Acryl on canvas/ 3x29,7x42cm