Luc Peiffer


Luc graduated from Saint-Luc with a visual arts diplo- ma (comic book section) followed by a Master’s degree in Communication and Marketing at Solvay. In 1995 he founded his own agency L&A Peiffer Communica- tion and design. He then trained to be a sculptor at the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Art Academy. The sculptures on display show the artist rendering structure by emphasi- zing the texture.
The “Alte Kopfstücke” series are made of terracotta (glass globes) and evoke the feelings of melancholy and isolation frequently displayed by Alzheimer sufferers. While suffocating from a literal and figurative lack of air they move up into the emptiness until they are completely alienated from their own nature.
The “Old Swimmer” series features small synthetic plaster heads gasping for air. Formalized in the midst of the swimming activity their expression is dynamic. This work could become an allegoric statement portraying the consequences of C02 on our environment. (right)
The installation “Self-destruction” is a video of a sculpture made off clay, which is being destroyed by the increasing velocity of the dropping of water on his head. A further rationalization would diminish its effect