Ophélie Decantere

Graphic/information designer

Ophélie started her Bachelor Graphic Design at Luca School of arts in Brussels. She also completed her master “media and information design” at Luca School of arts in Brussels.
Humankind commits itself to mapping things and to putting things back in order. When you look around, you notice that everything changes all the time. How can frames and grid systems in our society help us coun- teract changes? The only certainty in this world is that nothing is certain. That everything constantly changes. Through studying and analyzing structures, materials, colours and through giving attention to details around us, we can learn how things evolve.
In this installation she explores how frames and grid-systems in our society help us to counteract changes. Different communication mediums like videos, prints or objects reflect those frames and grid-systems we use by giving another perspective of ‘A state change.