Graphic design

A state of change

Ophélie Decantere

Humankind commits itself to mapping things and to putting things back in order. When you look around, you notice that everything changes all the time. How can frames and grid systems in our society help us coun- teract changes? The only certainty in this world is that nothing is certain. That everything constantly changes. Different communication mediums like videos, prints or objects reflect those frames and grid-systems we use by giving another perspective of ‘A state change.

Newspaper m0(ve)ment

Emma Billiet

The newspaper discloses the concept of the exhibition m0(ve)ment, personal info of the participating artists and tries to explain their artistic style. Emma gave form to the formless by designing the backbone. Her style is sober, simplistic and aesthetically appealing. She moves the reader in a controlled way. 

Invitation m0(ve)ment

Emma Billiet

In her invitation she experimented with photography in order to show motion more abstractly. These photographs are small details from bigger pictures and are part of a larger whole, which continues to evolve.

What makes a moment- 2016 

Arthur Buerms / Cedric Liebens 

In cooperation with the Lannoo printing office, this publication is a lyrical version of the "Elements of n0w" concept, explaining who we are and what we do. This booklet also features the contact detailsof all the participating artists. As well as being a guide to "Elements of n0w" it can also be used as a notebook.