• Temporary provisions


The Life 0f L (‘We’) website is an on/offline gallery whose purpose is to promote and market commissioned works of art that remain the property of the artists. With a view to paving the way to artistic and financial success, the platform we offer is designed not only for artists but also for entrepreneurial creators.

For the sake of improving our services, the general terms and conditions may need to be changed without notifying this to our users. The terms and conditions shall apply as soon as they are published.

Whenever you purchase an item or use this website, this shall be understood to demonstrate that you have read and understood the terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions are subject to an agreement:


• Intellectual property


Any content on the Life 0f L website comprising texts, images and audiovisual recordings is the property of Life Of L and is checked by us or by third parties granting a licence for copyright-protected material. This content is therefore governed by Belgian and international copyright laws.

The use and reproduction of this content other than for private purposes (private copying, scientific and educational purposes,…) may potentially infringe copyright laws. If you wish to use any specific content or photographs please get in contact with us via info@lifeofl.be.

We reserve the right, without notice or liability to you or anyone else, to remove content or deny access to our website in the case of copyright infringement,
Any visitors who believe that a copyright law is being violated may get in contact with us via info@lifeofl.com


• Links to (the websites of) third parties


This website may contain links to the websites of third parties. These websites are not operated by us and are provided solely for the convenience of our users.

We are not responsible/liable for these websites and their content or their availability and the exactitude of their products and services.


• Personal data/ privacy


In order to meet the needs of customers and comply with our legal obligations, we are required to inform users about our personal data collection policy.

As regards the usage of the Life 0f L website, cookies may be placed on the user's device in order to collect anonymous details and personal data about the user.

Out of respect for personal privacy, we shall never communicate data to third parties, except when items are supplied in a purchase/sale context or when required to do so by law.
As a buyer or user you confirm that you alone are liable for the accuracy of the information provided.


• Liability


Life 0f L reserves the right to communicate with any user and to offer the goods or services of other artists, creators or advertisers.

Life 0f L may not be held liable for information provided on its website, including missing or incorrect references. Liability is excluded for cases of fraud as a result of a contact made via the website.

Nor may Life 0f L be held liable for problems involving any sale, warranties and/or the quality of the works of art /products shown on the website.


• International use


As a Belgian organisation, Life 0f L can guarantee only that the general terms and conditions are consistent with Belgian legislation.

Users in other countries use the website at their own risk and are responsible for the arrangements in respect of local/national legislation.

All users agree to abide by the applicable legislation in relation to the use of this website


• Divisibility


Provisions that may be affected by nullity and/or invalid shall continue to be binding for the part that is permitted by law


• Applicable law


These general terms and conditions and any ensuing rights and obligations are governed exclusively by Belgian law. Any disputes in this respect are a matter for the courts of the Brussels district.