Our services involve organising actual events and creating an online marketplace where users and artists can browse around, buy and/or sell items.

Minors are not allowed to use the website services as buyers and/or sellers without the written permission of parents, a guardian or judge.

The following terms and conditions govern the process for exhibiting items on this website (artists) and the sale of these items to third parties (users).


          - Artists /creators


Any artist /creator wishing to post a work online can get in contact with us at info@lifeofl.com.


In order to enable Life 0f L to exhibit a work of art or an item in the online gallery in a meticulous and exemplary manner, the artist/creator should provide the following information:
- Photographs of the work of art /item
- Authors(s) and titles (s) of the work of art /item
- Year of origin, edition(s) and any numbering
- Characteristics (material, technical details, size)
- Method of disclosure
- Any special provisions


Within a maximum of 5 working days after receiving notification of an intention to display a work of art on the Life 0f L website, an E-agreement is sent to the artist /creator by e-mail.


This E-agreement covers the rights and obligations of Life 0f L and the artist. Governed by the principles of reasonableness and fairness, this agreement is consistent with Life 0f L’s aim of guaranteeing transparency and a fair environment.

The E-agreement agreement requires an electronic signature. The final step in the process is the issuing of an authentication certificate in a Life 0f L-prepared model document.

No charges are made for showing works of art on the Life 0f L website.

Life 0f L reserves the right to refuse to show works of art.
Life 0f L also decides what works of art, information and/or visual material is displayed or made available on its website and the length of time these are shown.


Any information and visual material made available via Life 0f L in connection with a work of art someone has asked to be shown on the Life 0f L website need to correspond with the facts at all times.


Anyone claiming to be the owner of an industrial and/or intellectual (property)right shall safeguard Life 0f L against any claim about the aforementioned rights.


The person providing this information and/or visual material concerning the work of art to Life 0f L shall be entirely liable for the content of such information.


Life 0f L enters into a best efforts obligation relationship with an artist /creator, such that it shall do its utmost to sell a work of art /item. However, Life 0f L may not be held liable for a failure to sell works of art offered by artist (s)/creator(s)


          - Users


Users wishing to buy a work of art and/or item can get in contact with us at info@lifeofl.com.

The following templates are used to indicate the origin and authenticity of a work of art:

You shall receive an offer by e-mail within a maximum of 5 working days.

* Confirmation of order form & shipping 


Once an order has been placed via our platform and the payment details have been provided, we then determine when the work of art can be collected from the artist in question. Once the collection date has been decided upon, the customer is sent an e-mail to show the status of the order (name of the courier, order number and date of arrival)


Deliveries are made only to the Benelux countries for the time being. The delivery time depends on what item has been ordered and the location of the artist /creator. The shipping time covers the time the artist is available for the collection or delivery and the transport time. This process lasts 5-10 working days on average.


Depending on its size, a flat-rate amount of €30 is added to the price of the work as a shipping fee.


Customers are entitled to e-mail complaints to info@lifeofl.be about a work of art within 21 days after the delivery, if the work of art:
- Has not actually been delivered
- Does not correspond with the work of art that was ordered
- Is damaged

Depending on the circumstances, the work of art is returned or reimbursed.


* Payment


The Life 0f L gallery can only accept payments by bank transfer.

All the relevant information (IBAN,…) is provided as soon as the order is placed. The work of art is sent upon receipt of the bank transfer.

During the period between the placing of the order and the receipt of the transfer, customers enjoy the exclusive rights to the work of art. If no transfer is received within 7 days after the order is placed, the order shall be cancelled.


* Return deliveries


Owing to their status as inhabitants of the European Economic Area, customers have 14 days after the receipt of the order to return a work of art without any further costs.


If a work of art is returned, the price of the work and the flat-rate amount shall be reimbursed. The cost of the return is paid by the customer.

Prior to returning a work of art, customers should send an e-mail to info@lifeofl.com featuring the relevant contact details, information about the work of art and the order form as an attachment. Customers may return the work as soon as they have received our confirmation e-mail.